The OT experience in structural design provides us with the ability to efficiently produce accurate metal shop fabrication and erection drawings.  Our anticipation of potential constructability concerns or design inadequacies assist us in providing solutions to the General Contractor and the Structural Engineer of Record. 


OT understands the difficulties that may arise from aggressive construction schedules; schedules that do not allow additional time for delegation of designs and details.  We at O.T. & Associates possess the capability and experience to quickly design and detail the accessorial portions of your project such as stairwells, guard railings, catwalks and ladders. 


On occasion the construction process is unable to afford a detailer the time frame to complete the entire shop fabrication drawings prior to steel fabrication and erection commencement.  Frequently, a detailer may not be available to address the critical structural members that are a part of the early stages of erection and it is these early stages that can significantly affect the overall construction schedule.  We are able to establish a back-and-forth type of relationship with the contractor and fabricator to quickly deliver shop drawings to the fabricator.  Once completed the fabricator has the ability to produce and deliver these critical members to the contractor who will maintain the overall construction schedule.