engineering by OT and Associates

Eric J. Loudenslager, PE

Liberty Township, Tioga County, PA


Job Description:

As an Owner and Project Engineer at O.T. & Associates, Eric will ask the client the essential questions prior to proposing the design services and fees for a cost effective approach and solution to the client's unique needs.  Eric realizes the seemingly simple nuts-and-bolts aspects of a project and fully understands that anticipating constructrability issues are as equally important as meeting and complying with the obligatory building codes and construction standards. 



Eric is a Professional Engineer licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has extensive knowledge of building codes, construction standards and permitting requirements which can often vary in neighboring municipalities.  Eric's experience includes code review and research, feasibility studies, structural condition assessments and calculations, project cost estimation and construction administration.  And through it all, Eric does not feel that he is above drafting, dimensioning and noting construction documents that meet the needs of a contractor and crew.